What's Getting Somewhere?

by mouth 4 rusty

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Mouth 4 Rusty's 4th album


released August 16, 2013


Performed by Mouth 4 Rusty

Matt Rigsby Smith -
voice, guitar, clarinet, glockenspiel,
casiotone 101, drums & songwriting


Emma Davis -
voice, melodica,
glockenspiel and body percussion


Fanny Bissa - voice on 06, voice and body percussion on 07
Jack Collins - organ on 'The Leaver'
Nate Trier - organ on 'Animals'
Janine Baker - piano and double bass

Recorded and mixed in turbulent conditions by Matt at Make Do and Mend, London, and the Utrophia Project Space, except 'Ceremony', recorded on a handheld portable recorder.

Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony, Boston, Massachusetts

Many thanks to

Rob Symington, who put his heart into making the 'These Ghosts' video with us. Chrissy Weller, who captured us with her camera and excellent eye. Jay Arden and Jonathan El-Bizri for technical help. Matthew Cullen for mixing inspiration and generosity of spirit.

Simon Nelson, Rose Alexander, Amy Spencer, Bill Lewington, Andy Lingfield, Louise Jobber, Bernie Kerr, Richard Davis and Olga Bukowska for their support and friendship.

And Stuart Gibson, John Harrington, John R Lennon. Stephen McAleavy. Wendy Leith. Claire Gordon. Connie Blackhart, Christopher Rainbow, Michael Charlton and Chie Karakami who helped us save the album when we thought it was lost, and Jon Lantsbury and David Daniel who did the work.

Ochiltree Music 2013



all rights reserved


mouth 4 rusty UK

Tales of living softly on the edge.

"Elegantly crafted hummable songs.."
- Rough Trade

Mouth 4 Rusty are a male/female duo playing songs about morality, love and loss, childhood, life in general and the relationships between ourselves. Simple, traditionally-inspired songs that people can relate to, hummable music based on life as it unfolds, as early folk music was.
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Track Name: The Leaver
Is there strength in my arms?
Can my heart remain calm?
Do my legs have the weight still to carry me on?

Your gifts show intention
There's so much to possess
I hope you're not like that
As you take off your dress

Always the leaver, the leaver for me
Tried too hard to please her, 'til I'm not pleasing me
Ever the builder, well look what we've done
My brother and me, father and son.

The excitement of new love, new blood in the veins
As blood becomes water, I'm leaving again

Always the leaver, is there ever a doubt?
We're lighting a fire, then putting it out
Always the leaver, yet still so bereft
As things start to falter, I bring them to death

I'm a believer, despite what I say
But as things less resemble, I'm slipping away.
Track Name: Love Is So Final
See to me the one I'll make my home with
Breed as if we're meant to breed
Our temptations I will make no bones with
Just keep them far from she and me

Love is so final
Lust is eternal

Flee'd again for things were not quite perfect
Broke a heart that meant a lot to me
If I'd have stayed, become my single suspect
Another man I'd never rightly be

Love is so final
Lust is eternal

And all of the things that you hoped that you were
And all of the things that you grew so you were
And all of the things you believed that you were
They can come falling.
Sometimes we're appalling.
Track Name: Much In These Walls
Of all of my days, there were some that were blessed
And lately there's memories in the clothes that I'm dressed
And I'll settle my feelings right here in the dark
All combinations of the things that we are.

Oh they'll give, they'll give you, acceptance and time
There's shelves for the sleeping and ladders to climb
And the kitchen is filthy, it's been on my mind
And the shower's not broken if you treat it just right.

The pride of the good work, the toil of the day
The good souls are tired, they'll sleep where they lay
And they've worked from the heart, not for monetary gain
For splinters, paint fingers, where most work is play

You can carry your lessons, they're yours they're hard learned
From the hand to the mouth, with few fingers burned
Your self-imposed pressures can all fade away
I know what I'm needing to face other days

The pride of the good work, the toil of the night
Downing our tools with the neighbouring lights
From the old engine house to the factory life
I loved, gained and lost, but the balance seems right

As I leave it all, there's much of my heart in these walls.
Track Name: Twists and Slows
All the colours bright, all the colours bright and here am I
Is it as dark in your country, as you're settling your feelings
Like 'should I want you anyway?'
Would you not hurt me anyway?
These are questions I can't answer
These are questions there's no answers to.

All I have is all I need, daily forsake all my greed
Try as hard as I could do, so I'll live as I believe
Try with might, not lie to you
Nor tell a pointless painful truth
So my old decisions, they're not coming out as new.

Never make a hard decision
Never make a hard decision on a searing, painful, fearful feeling
When everything has double meaning
Like 'I just want to get away'
And everything you'll hear me say
Twisted words, they slow formation
Of our honest smiles, and of our talks
And bodily elations.

Yet the pain is not all you, try to pay yourself some due
Or you'll swing forever between the loathing and defence of you.
There's many parts to who you are
You're not just frightening by far
Sometimes I see through to just how scared you sometimes are.
Track Name: Ceremony
Call it greed or what you will
But I can't seem to get my fill
From just one soul
It's harder as I'm older
Maybe all the things so sure
That gradually became no more
They bruised me, and now I'm a little bolder.
Fighters they can take a hit, knowing that the worst is fear
And most their fears were very much mistaken
There's time to come and time to go
Many good years in the bones
But I want to raise a child before they're break'n

So call it hard and call it cold
But maybe it's just need to know
Of what I want and what I couldn't treasure
When the future's looking back
Please no holes, and not the cracks
Relaxed, with an air of faith and pleasure
Fighters they can take a blow, knowing that the worst is old
And not all fears are worn by their creators
There's time to move and time to slow
Many muscles round the bones
And I want to raise a child before I'm taken

Then bury me
And play my favourite records
And give me ceremony.
Track Name: Animals
You had your animals and cruelty prevention
Fearing their nature and given intention
So many cages stacked up in this zoo
Everything's fine if it's alright with you

You gave us a home and you did all you had to do
Saved us and made us an image of you
No wonder we all staggered round so confused
Everything's fine if it's alright with you

We only escaped right when we needed to
Slowly you became a person you thought you knew
Confider, provider, a jailor to you
Some of your story is not even true.

I don't have no money now, just some intention
It's like seventeen years have passed without mention
I was much stronger than I ever knew
I saw you were frightened and I forgave you.
Track Name: When I Am Best For You
It's the moment when I rest
That I am best for you
And the urgency of your morning
When I've nothing to rush to
And I know you've lived before
So you know what to do
You're an echo of a dream
I'm not just tolerating you

Well you cook, I don't mind cleaning
It's the least that we could do
Is there any finer feeling?
I can relax in you.
Track Name: Cohen
This morning I woke from the body
Like so many mornings before
Not a day for a regular weakness
Not a thought to the burns on the floor
Now the foes have all dropped their anger
Or else I don't care anymore
Cos a hard day in the body was a hard week for us all.

That night as we blew out the candle
I never stood further from doubt
For I tried to treat you with patience
But the words they just fell from your mouth
Yet few lovers are ever sole victims
We abide, we entice and collude
It's a cold day in the family
As we both leave our trails through the rooms.

Such sorrow was seen as an anger
And so then an anger was felt
While you huddled in the warmth of my city
But to me these were not the cards dealt
I just wanted you sent away safely
Where I couldn't be hurt anymore
Was a hard day for forgiveness
Was a hard week on us all.

We need the soothing of a trusted one, somebody kind
A touch with meaning, trusted heart, and with a peace inside
For everything is played again, again, and so we find:
'It's all 'cos of you'.

I know you'd still wear my clothes if you never saw me anymore
It's a hard day in forever when both of you's taking the fall
On the days when we don't feel so fearful
Our compassions they come to the fore
Where there's no need for forgiveness
It's a good day for us all.
Track Name: The Burden
Without home, well then what would I be?
Just a taste.
Without backbone.
Just as she be.
Am I letting all down or just me?
I should not suffer the burden of all that they could put on me.

Without knowing what I lose when I leave
How could I know all the pieces not yet in me?
Am I running or just walking from the scene?

I wish I was smarter, wish I knew all of the things that might be
Wish I knew a wise one, someone to guide my decisions with me
And would we agree I should not suffer the burden of all that they could put on me.

'You should come, and you're welcome, come to me
For you've tasted at the lips, though as I bleed
Please just ask of yourself as you leave:
"Will I make a terrible man out of me?"'

Why isn't my hunger just the same as my needs?
If not for hunger, I could just settle right into the scene
Why must I do this to..
If I knew my mettle then I could pour all my thoughts over me
And do we agree
I should not suffer the burden of all that I could put on me.
Track Name: These Ghosts
These ghosts that walk these halls at night
Maybe you're one of them soon
For all I want's a ground that's firm
But everything soon becomes new.

What am I to do when these warm arms turn cold in the night?
And I know that I've managed to trouble you somehow
And yet I still think I am right.

What am I to do with these strangers
These objects you'd left.
Well it's only a fear that I'm making inside
Nothing bad's happening yet.

These ghosts that tore your suitcase cloth
Maybe I'm one of them soon
For I could fear I'd be besieged by requests to look after you.

What am I to do in my own life
Between eating and chores
And how can I fill all my time with a meaning
That won't feel it's hurting to yours.

How am I to feel when I'm hurting and you won't take the call
And would the world spin so quietly for you
If I were to endlessly fall?

What am I to do when these warm thoughts turn cold in the night
If I can't trust your smile, that smile, that smile
When I'm not entirely quite right.