Must Take More Care

by mouth 4 rusty

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Must Take More Care, Mouth 4 Rusty's 5th album

Performed by

Matt Rigsby Smith - voice, guitar, clarinet, casiotone, harmonium, radio, percussion and songs

Emma Davis - voice and melodica

Fiona Stewart - violin, string arrangements on 'The Last One On Your Mind' and 'Long Gone Trust'

Nate Trier - piano on 'The Last One On Your Mind', 'If You Were My Punishment' and "One Hundred & Forty-Nine Birds', co-arrangement of piano parts

Janine Baker - double bass, piano on 'After', 'Women & Children & Men' and 'Long Gone Trust'

Gabriel Barrett - trumpet, horn arrangement used in (collage)

Chaz Semeur - saxophone

Sarah Bear - cello, string arrangement on 'That I Could Have Done It Better Doesn't Mean I Wasn't Right'

Chris Manes - cello samples

Richard Davis - moog on 'Long Gone Trust'

Daniel 'Laish' Green - third voice on 'Long Gone Trust'

Karina 'Seafoxes' Zakri - third voice on 'Women & Children & Men'

Written through 2013, recorded the following year and into the next
by Matt at Make Do and Mend, London
Violin parts recorded by Robert Legeza, Florida
Daniel, Karina, Richard and Sarah's parts self-recorded in London
Gabriel's parts self-recorded in Tennessee

Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony, Boston, MA

Many thanks to our friends, loved ones and families.
To Richard Reid, to Riccardo Attanasio, to Jack Hunter. To the little army that helped bring this album to fruition. To Louise for everything.

Ochiltree Music 2015


released August 19, 2015



all rights reserved


mouth 4 rusty UK

Tales of living softly on the edge.

"Elegantly crafted hummable songs.."
- Rough Trade

Mouth 4 Rusty are a male/female duo playing songs about morality, love and loss, childhood, life in general and the relationships between ourselves. Simple, traditionally-inspired songs that people can relate to, hummable music based on life as it unfolds, as early folk music was.
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Track Name: After
After the giving comes the taking
After destruction comes the making
After the losing comes the needing
And after the loving comes the grieving

You really moved me
You really moved me but what you've done
You couldn't prove to me
Couldn't prove that you could be a trusted one
Your talk of wasted time was something self-inflicted
"At least it wasn't what the pussy or the dick did"
You really moved me, but what've you done

After the taking comes the learning
After the making comes the burning
After the needing comes the freeing
And after the loving..
Comes the grieving, comes the growing
After confusion comes the knowing
After the breaking comes the cleaning
And after the hurting comes the meaning

You keep or lose me, I keep or lose you
With what we've done
And if you screw me I could rise to be a vengeful one
Some of your friends would say I'm harder than the mountain
But show me reason and I'm shaking from the doubting
You cut right through me, so now you're gone
You cut right through me
So now you're gone.
Track Name: That I Could Have Done It Better Doesn't Mean I Wasn't Right
All the things she gave me that I couldn't understand 'til now
You would never give someone, I don't think you'd know how
For in your selfish wisdom you would not curtail
What kind of killed you then, still dominates you now

And true it's best to know your enemy
But you don't have to keep on sleeping with them
And you, I know, will want the worst for me
And I can't say I want the best for you.

"All the things I wanted I could not engage, endure, enjoy
No man is my father, with the care he should employ
And in my desperation at the times I've lost control
The loved ones I struck then are not those that I strike now"

And you've recordings to remember me
I wonder if you care to do
And here are three I found of yours today
I couldn't listen to
I'm not ready to.
Track Name: Women and Children and Men
Sleep soundly woman, where last night we fall
In a last burst of lust, but there's no trust at all
In rest undemanding, no knowledge or shame
Of waking emotion you cannot contain

I want to look on you and see only good
But I know that there's lies there, and plaster and wood
All cover the feelings that bubble inside
Should I feel your frustration deeper than mine?

If you're not in the habit of hitting women or children or men
Then why'd you come wildly and strike me again?
If you can't control all that rage in your head
Then fuck you my friend.

Your frustration turns rage and I'm standing in line
Throwing your objects at this body of mine
Your claws, grit teeth, your kicks, my bones
I fear being here just as to leave you alone.

I tried to be useful, and of course I'm no saint
But I held, like an easel, your canvas to paint
The smell of your poison out in the hall
I was trying to take space for the sake of it all.

If you're not in the habit of hitting women or children or men
Then why'd you come wildly and strike me again?
If you can't control all that terrible rage in your head
Then fuck you my friend.
Track Name: The Last One On Your Mind
"You came here as a friend, so take this cup, unwind
Unclench your dirty hands and heed this good advice
Your heart is heavy, but trust me now, you'll find
That you won't find a lover with the last one on your mind

You may have to forgive her as you always thought you might
Battles are so hard on you, take a pause, some time
No-one's good for anybody feeling self-unkind
And you won't find a lover with the last one on your mind

Forget dead feathers, forget her daisy dukes
Manipulations, the partial and untruths
Forgive the child who's been screaming out to you

Her insults are ridiculous though some are quite sublime
Forget the taste between her legs and rutting from the side
The best of you is gratitude, you've forgotten that tonight
And you won't find another with her death firm in your mind

So take your coat off, oh tender friend of mine
This boat's a safety to lay your head tonight
And as the dawn breaks it will settle like the tide
That you won't find a lover with the last one on your mind."
Track Name: If You Were My Punishment
The sin is the start, we know this from family
And words become all, and guilt starts to form
I don't think I'm rambling
The cracks in your past, may not ever last
Let live.

A head hung in shame, give best and be bolder
If you were my punishment
At least it's over.

The sin eats the gut, but we made our choices
There's God in us all, and lucifer's call
Is in our own voices
So who can forgive? Grant license to live?
I think we know.

For deeds of the drunk, a prayer for the sober
If I was your punishment
At least it's over.

For each acted fear, each turn of the shoulder
If we were our punishment
Let it be over.
Track Name: Long Gone Trust
Still in the waking memory
Sometimes I sleep to bury
Long lost trust
Long lost love

Six homes will try to bear me
Yet find I'm stationary
Long lost trust
Long lost love

Long lost
Long lost
Long lost trust
Track Name: One Hundred and Forty-Nine Birds
The crisis is over, there's little to fear
So much was perception, that much is clear
Crack your chest wider, and let out your rays
She said you were sunshine, you could feel that some days

Through times when you don't fit yourself
In anger or just down and out
There's birds in your hollow of chests
Like the crow or the Warlingham men screaming out

But the morning is glory and nearby in the trees
One hundred and forty-nine birds in their leafy cities
The afternoon rolls on and a little will change
These are the warmest, the greatest of days

Through times when you just don't connect
There is pleasure there too don't you doubt
Walk the streets of your town brother
Maybe you'll stroll it all out
Light up your smile for the passing
You'll maybe find something to please.

Make do and mend, take comfort in friends
Be all of the good that you know you can be.